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  • How cool is this podcast?

       Very cool.

  • How often can we expect new episodes?

       Every week, uploaded on Sunday.

  • Are you following the lessons in the 2019 manual, Come, Follow Me — For Individuals & Families?

       We are not, though if you listen to The Third Hour Podcast, you'll always be

       "ahead" of the lessons by a week or two.

  • Interesting. Is there a reason why you aren't sticking to the manual?

       More than one reason, actually. The genesis of this project began prior to the

       announcement that the Church would be emphasizing home study in 2019.

       Our original goal was to create a study group podcast for the New Testament,

       and significant preparation had already gone into that. After the October 2018

       General Conference, we debated internally whether to switch to the Church’s

       lesson plan or use our own curriculum. We ultimately decided that our original

       approach would be simplest, both for us and for anyone hoping to discover an

       accessible entry point to the New Testament.

  • So you’re saying you were too lazy to switch your curriculum?

       You can phrase it however you like.

  • You're comfortable with that?

       Sure, but only because there are some big benefits to the way we'll be reading

       the New Testament. We'll follow the text mostly chronologically, while also

       keeping each gospel author's arguments and formatting in mind. Some of the

       same stories are repeated to highlight very different truths about the life of

       Jesus. We want to talk about that.

  • What if I still think you should have stuck to Come, Follow Me?

       Page vi of the manual tell us, "Come, Follow Me is not meant to replace or

       compete with the good things you are doing." A home study podcast would

       seem to qualify as a good thing.

  • So who are you people?

       In addition to being our host, Taylor is an actual scientist. Ryan is our producer,
       voice actor, and the most likely to ask good questions. Amanda is our

       conscience and resident deep thinker. Andrew is some guy we met on the

       street who reads a lot. That's pretty much it.

  • Surely you can tell me more?

       Maybe later. This is already straining the definition of an FAQ.

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