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#11. Thou Art the Christ

Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter, fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Pietro Perugino, 1481-82

Directly following last week's controversial sermon, Jesus has an encounter with a Gentile woman, clashes once more with the Pharisees, and asks his disciples, "Whom say ye that I am?" It's another episode of the Third Hour Podcast — join us as we discuss the brusqueness of Jesus's reply to the Gentile woman, whether there's any symbolism behind the feeding of the four thousand, and how Latter-day Saints might approach the keys of Peter.

Study with us! This week, the narrative is mostly found in Matthew 15-16 and Mark 7-8. A more detailed harmony can be found below.

Next week, Jesus ascends the Mount of Transfiguration. Read ahead in Matthew 17, Mark 9, and Luke 9.

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